I am the author of three biographies.  I was was born in north Kent, but did not stay there for long as my parents dragged me, at a young age, to live in Australia. We returned five years later, due to parental homesickness.  My father was a journalist and the writing bug must have been passed down to me as I always had a pen in my hand and a yearning to learn.

      However, in order to earn a crust, I went to work in Social Housing, which I quickly realised provided only a very small crust but was nonetheless rewarding.  At the same time I completed a degree with the Open University, which I managed despite moves to Reading, Beaconsfield and Exeter. During this time I also gained a husband and two children.  

      Once the degree was finished, I began to look for other ways to fill my writing and research void.  The result was my first biography entitled ‘Clara Collet: An Educated Working Woman’. Collet was an early advocate of women’s rights who extended the boundaries of what were considered acceptable career choices for her sex.  My second book was ‘The Prince, His Tutor and the Ripper’, essentially a biography of JK Stephen and his relationship with Prince Eddy, both Ripper suspects.

      The latest book, ‘A Very Dangerous Women’ is about Moura Budberg.  This outrageous, charismatic, femme fatale became the lover of British agent, Robert Bruce Lockhart, H G Wells and Maxim Gorky.  As a Russian she spied for the Bolshevics against Britian but was never caught, despite thirty years of investigation by MI5, unlike her sometime drinking partner Guy Burgess. Her life became an invention of her own making and her friends and lovers all had different versions.  She is Nick Clegg’s great-great-aunt.