Cambridge University

Stephen did his degree at King’s College Cambridge.  

Casebook Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Website

Jeremy Dronfield

Co-author of A Very Dangerous Woman.


North London Collegiate School.  Collet attended this radical school which is still a school today

The Victorian Web

Toynbee Hall

East End University Settlement institution set up to help educate the poor.


Collet’s family were Unitarians as were many other Victorian reformers.

Andrew Lownie

The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd, founded in 1988, is now one of the UK's leading non-fiction literary agencies with a special emphasis on history and biography.

Anthony Blunt

Moura exsposed him as a Russian spy in the 1960 but was not taken seriously

Clara Collet

East End statistician working for Charles Booth.  Worked at Board of Trade.  Friends with Gissing

Charles Booth

Compiled ‘Life and Labour of the People of London’.

David Lloyd George

Appointed Robert Bruce Lockhart as British Agent in Russia 1918.


Eleanor Marx

Daughter of Karl Marx.  Socialist. Friend of Clara Collet

George Gissing

Victorian social author and friend of Collet

Maxim Gorky

Moura was Gorky’s lover from 1919 until his death in 1936

H G Wells

Moura was Wells’ lover from early 1930 until his death in 1946

Montague Druitt

Probable acquqintance of JK Stephen

Oneworld Publications

Deborah McDonald’s publisher for her new book A Very Dangerous Woman.

Virginia Woolf

J K Stephen’s cousin.  Suffered the same mental illness and like him committed suicide.

William Beveridge

Collet and Beveridge on the Committee set up in 1917 to reconstruct the country post World War 1

Winston Churchill

Liberal President of Board of Trade 1908 - 11.  Collet’s ‘boss’


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